Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas wreath and cross - DIY

Hello folks, thanks for stopping by. Today I will show you two items-a cross and a wreath. The cross is made of cinnamon sticks and wrapped together with ribbon. I love it.

This wreath was a labor of love-it started out as a straw wreath my mother gave me last Christmas. I've been moving it around for a year, trying to figure out where to hang it (it is huge). I finally decided I will use it this season. I wrapped burlap around it to give it a good base.

The vintage doilies are mod podged on. I let it dry for 24 hrs before gluing the other embellishments on. The silver star I made out of wooden cloth pins-painted them and added glitter. The heart looking thingy is from a palm tree. Spray painted that as well.

The xmas sign and the name sign are cardboard letters, painted white, and covered in glitter. I glued them on using Fabri-Tac. I used the bells on the ribbon to hang the wreath. I put it on my front door. What do you think? I really adore it. Happy Holidays, linking up at Under the table and dreaming, tipjunkie, Susan's and here. Cheers,


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