Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vinyl decal project fail (Crafting)

Hello, today I will introduce you to vinyl project fail. It was my first attempt at vinyl decals. I used rub on quotes before, but nothing this elaborate. The project started out good-I took a picture I found at the local Recycling plant and spray painted it turquoise. Since I don't have a fancy silhoutte or a thing of the sort, I ordered my decal online. Paid quite a bit of money for it, too. I figured it an investment for our front door for the years to come. In the picture above you can see the beautiful decal before I attempted to transfer it.

And here is the failed decal project. The vinyl stuck to the front sheet instead of peeling of the back sheet and onto the painting. I ended up manually removing the letters and sticking them onto the painting. I had to remove all the decor around the initial, because it looked so bad. This is what I'm left with-buhu, yes, I did cry. I'm thinking of embellishing it with some fabric flowers. I also had to retouch the blue and I need to get the paint of the letters. All in all very disappointing. I'm not sure if I will give vinyl another try, even though it looks great. What are your thoughts or recommendations?


  1. I do make a lot these but sorry I don't really understand that the vinyl stuck to the front sheet instead of~ part.
    This is pretty much same as rub on thing. Letters are on front sheet (clear color or like tracing paper but sticky) put it on your material (wood or whatever you want) rub the letters gently peel the front sheet slowly. It should be on the material. if not you have to rub more harder. good luck!

  2. As mentioned above it's important to use a burnisher to make sure the vinyl is stuck to the transfer paper.
    I peel mine slowly so I can catch if something isn't sticking to my transfer sheet.
    Some companies offer "guaranteed happiness" with the product, you may be able to get a new vinyl transfer if you explain what happened.



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