Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas angels out of wood logs-tutorial (DIY crafts)

Hello my friends, today I'm going to show you how to make Christmas angels from wood logs. As you may know by know we are in Germany this winter. The houses in our area all have fire places and there is an abundance of wood logs about. The house we rented came with a large supply of fire wood as well. All I had to do is go outside, pick some wood logs and start crafting!

Ok, perhaps it wasn't just that easy, but it sure was fun. After picking out the logs I washed them off, dried them and then sanded away any rough spots with sand paper.

You will need:

wood log
Tennis ball or styrofoam ball for head
long nail
2 small nails
card board
bowl of warm water
plaster cloth wrap (got mine at HL)
fabri-tac or glue
straw for crown

Draw angel wings on card board paper and cut them out. Cut the plaster cloth wrap into pieces of different size. Use the larger ones on the wings, the smaller ones on the head, and cover up any holes with tiny scraps. Dip the plaster strips into a bowl of warm water and run fingers downward. Place strip on form and smooth out any air pockets. Add several layers until entire form is covered. Let dry for 20 minutes. To speed drying process you can place the form into the microwave or onto a heater.

Once dry, use the two small nails and hammer the wings to the log. Hammer large nail on top of the log about 1 inch in, then push styrofoam ball on nail. I made my holes before plastering. If you are using a tennis ball plaster first and use a sharp knife to cut a slit into where you want it to sit on the nail.

Glue a ring around the top of the head and place some straw or twine on it to act as the angel crown. You can make one or more angels, and group them together with candles at a window or a fire place. For one of the angels I used goose feathers for the wings.

I'm giving some angels away and I'm keeping some for myself! This would be a fun project for kids as well. The plaster washes right off and is non-toxic. How cozy for Christmas!

For more Christmas inspiration check out my Pinterest pages, or the Coastal or Bavarian Christmas pages.
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  1. Your angels are masterpieces. I love them!

  2. Another wonderful post my friend, so nice to catch up again. Sending you special wishes for a very Merry Christmas Day and look forward to keeping in touch in 2012.

    Always Wendy

  3. Love this rustic look. Pinned it and it's getting several repins tonight!

  4. This are adorable!! I am pinning and making these for next Christmas!! Found you on Tip Me Tuesday :)

    Please feel free to stop by on my blog for "Tuesday Treats"


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