Monday, September 19, 2011

Decorating-Fall Stil life

Herbststillleben: Wald sei Dank! - Wandlichter-q

Matters of the heart-add berries to the twig hearts for an easy update. The hearts can be purchased at fall and winter farmers markets.

Herbststillleben: Wald sei Dank! - Kraenze-q

Connect these three wreaths with ribbon for a new version of the traditional wreath.

Herbststillleben: Wald sei Dank! - Schale-mit-Teelicht-q

The twigs, nuts, and moss are natural and the tea light with glass etching was purchased.

Herbststillleben: Wald sei Dank! - Astkerzenleuchter-q

Bizare candle holders made by nature-candle holders made of tree pieces. Do you feel like going out and collecting materials now? I know I do. For more fall inspiration visit here and here, and be sure to check out my Oktoberfest series continuing tomorrow. Cheers,


  1. Hallo Simone!!! I love these, especially the candle holders, how great are those!!
    Thank you for your sweet comment about my brother's wedding and the passing of his friend, they mean so much.

  2. Love everything, but the driftwood is stunning *le sigh*

  3. You have been creative! Your fall displays are gorgeous Simone! Love the candle holders ;)

  4. Amazing decoration. Love them all. So creative.


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